Being a parent isn't easy. When you combine working and parenting, it's downright difficult. After working a full day, you have to come home, cook, clean and spend quality time with the kids, all while hoping to get some sleep that night.

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

To my baby on your first day of child care

I hope today hasn't been too hard on you, it has been very hard on me. You've been with me almost every minute of your life so far and right now I feel like I'm not entirely whole without you. I feel like I've left part of me behind.

I know you'll have fun and make friends. I will be at all of your parties and special events. I will stop by often and your teachers will know me well. I already called to check on you. I'm glad you took a nap and had a chance to play.

Please don't think we made this decision lightly. We did our research and made sure that you have the best care possible. We have spent time there and will continue to in order to make sure you're happy and cared for.

There will be people who judge us for putting you in child care. They might say that I don't love you or shouldn't have had you if I didn't want to parent full time. They are wrong.

The truth is, I love you more than anything and being a working mom does not make me less of a parent. I promise you that our time together will be full of love. We will play and read and cuddle and I will be present.

I love you.


  1. All Mother's need to be there for eachother. I have been a full time working Mom, a stay at home Mom , and now a stay at home Mom with my own photography business. Do what your family needs. Being a Mom is the hardest job in the world. You are doing great.

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