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Thursday, May 1, 2014

We're addressing the mommy wars but what about the daddy bashing?

Am I the only one who finds the portrayal of dads on television and in the media to be completely ridiculous?

Everywhere I turn, I see daddy bashing happening. Even when shopping for baby clothes, it is prevalent. I snapped this picture when I was picking up a few items for my son. I understand that this is meant to be a joke but what does it say about a mother if she chooses a man who cannot even figure out how to dress a baby as the father of her child. Are those genes we want to carry on?

If I even hinted to my husband that I did not think he was able to do some of the care for our children, he would use that as an out and I would forever be completing that task on my own. I am too tired to give him that option!

Dads are not idiots. My husband had never held a baby before he met me but he is intelligent and figured it out without doing any harm to our children. He had to learn everything as he went.

Parenting is a time when we need to help and empower each other, not make dads feel stupid. There are enough opportunities to feel like you have no idea what to do when parenting. Even seasoned parents have difficulty at times.

Someone recently asked if we planned to have a third child. I was quick to tell them that we are not! It is not because my husband is an incompetent parent, he is an excellent dad. Personally, I cannot imagine letting our children outnumber us. That, to me, is just asking for trouble.

Let's stop worrying about whether a mom (or dad) stays home to care for their child or works outside of the home full time. Let's empower dads to be an equal parenting partner. Let's support each other in this wonderful, difficult adventure of parenting!