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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Seeing the world through 3 year old eyes - the first snow

I love 3 year olds. They're old enough to have great conversations but young enough that they don't yet care what others think of them.

We recently attended the kick off to our town's Festival of Lights. They lit the town Christmas tree and decorations and Santa visited. This event happened to be the evening of our first significant snow fall this winter.

My 3 year old and I bundled up and trudged through the snow. Well, I trudged, he bounded. He couldn't have been happier. What is better than playing in snow for the first time in months under the glow of lights while Christmas music is being played over speakers for everyone to enjoy? Not much, unless you're 3. Then snow angels make all of that even better. 

When you're 3 and you have endless amounts of untouched snow, you must fall backward every chance you get. After all, enjoying the lights while looking up from under a tree is something most people don't have the creativity to try. It's been years and years since I threw myself backward into a pile of fresh snow and looked up to enjoy the view.

Not one person walked past my son without smiling that night. He couldn't contain his excitement. I have no idea how many snow angels were left behind when we headed home. It was a lot, though.

I picture people walking through and smiling at all of the snow angels. I know I did. What a wonderful reminder to enjoy the beauty of everyday things and take the opportunity to have fun without caring about who's watching.

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