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Saturday, February 15, 2014

I should have said...

I had a really difficult time with child care for our infant. The issues I had are resolved now, but the situation had caused me a great deal of stress for awhile.

Recently, a colleague asked how things were going with child care. I briefly shared my frustrations and she said to me, "Well, you know how I feel about babies being away from their parents." I was shocked. Part of this person's job is to help families find child care. I did not expect her to have such strong feelings against it. I'm not usually at a loss for words but at that moment I could not think of anything to say. She had caught me off guard and I blanked.

I have thought about that conversation many times since then. I do not judge parents for leaving their careers and staying home with their children, why is it okay for others to judge me for working? The person who said that does not even have children. How can she have such a strong opinion when she has never been in this position?

I decided I would never get caught off guard like that again. I thought for awhile to come up with a witty statement in case I ever had a similar conversation in the future. 

After thinking about it for a bit decided that I did not need to offer anyone an explanation or any information about why we choose to send our children to child care. 

My kids are happy, smart and well-adjusted and my husband and I are doing what we feel is best for our children and our family as a whole. I do not need to defend our decision to anyone. Maybe that is what I'll say next time.


  1. I like to call people on remarks like this. In a very friendly, calm way. Something like "You know, it's a good thing I have thick skin or I might be offended by a comment like that." Just to let them know they're being an asshole and maybe think twice about it next time.

    1. I love it! I will have to use that next time.